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Can Lin’s help me to prepare the admission exam(th)

Can Lin’s help me to prepare the admission exam?

For over 19 years’ experience to assist Asian students success enroll and graduate from the medical school and achieve the international medical license, we also establish our system to help applicants to do preparation before the admission exam :

1. Evaluation before apply

2. Pre-Test after submitted the application

When students apply  program they will got examination for testing, writing exam and oral exam for prepare themselves. After that  they will come to office for Pre-Test (Writing exam and Oral exam) then we will evaluate and provide for them. when students  passed the Pre-Test. They will confidents and do better and not get excited .

3.Medical Pre-Course in Philippine

Pre-Couse in Our Lady of Fatima University recognize for TMC (Thai Medical council.

Medical Pre-Course in Philippine

Pre-course Program benefit

  • Prepare strong science knowledge for the future Medical school entrance exam
  • Improve better language skill at understand  the science subject knowledge and basic medical term communication
  • Improve life skill in overseas countries
  • Obtain the official transcript to upgrade the candidate qualification in the science field , which equal to the study in the university level for 2 semesters
  • Increasing the interview skill and admission success percentage
  • Focus on the main subjects help to save time and Study time is flexible
  • Affordable study cost with high quality education and private tutor . The formal transcript after complete the course


Facility in the room with bed, study table, hot shower, air-con and private bath room in the unit (fridge and TV rent service is not included)

For provide more convince to the students, our pre-course center is set up at the 1st floor of the dormitory building.

More facilities : 24 hours security ,science and medical book library, fitness center, self-study room.

Surrounding convince: washing service shop, Chinese restaurant, pizza restaurant, convenient stores shopping more, Our lady of FATIMA university campus , Bank ,Fatima hospital

8. Lin’s

  • Local life consult during the study time
  • Course certificate issued  coordination
  • Recommendation letter coordination
  • Local visa assistance
  • Coordinate with Lin’s Thailand  or Taiwan office to solve the problem for the students
  • Transportation service when departure Manila


For students have Low GPA , we not cut the opportunity we see physic ,Chemistry,  biology  if they got  Low GPA ,They can go Philippines for Pre-Couse and have transcript for apply this program

Improve English Skill

For students have  basic science well. But since the end of the school curriculum in Thailand. Not accustomed to learning science in  English.They need to improve science in English skill they will go Philippines for making confident ,This course will help students to be familiar with the teaching and practice of English language in everyday.

Add Credit

6 MD For students to study or equivalent foreign exchange, which may be the subjects or credits that are not fully defined. They can study certain courses in order. After completing the course will receive a transcript from school.

4 MD if credits that are not fully defined.They can study private Couse   for   making credit and receive a transcript from school.

Already over 11 Thai students success to enroll at Poland medical school after they attend our pre-course in Philippines. In 1-2 months , they improve their science knowledge and achieve passed score for the written exam, at the same time they totally changed the personality when at interview, become confidence in speaking English, can discuss the sciences technical terms in English.