6MD Program in Poznan University oF Medical Sciences


    • GPA:3.33.5
    • Written proof of English
    • TOEFL
      Internetbased 79 points /
      . Computerbased 213 points
    • IELTS:6.5 points

    *One of the following standardized test results
    a) SAT with min. score of 1,500 points
    b) ACT with min. composite score of 25 points

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POZNAN University is a leading medical university in Poland. The medical teaching is done for more than 90 years. The university is fully equipped with latest technology and latest research centre in the country on the basis of Medicine. Therapy and Diagnosis technology to maintain the teaching and research core. The university is under cooperation with five hospitals in the city of Poznan and many hospitals in other cities. The university offers Research over Hundreds of letters in the journal each year.
The University is located in the city of Poznan, Poland. It is the fifth largest city, which lies to the west of the country. The Warta River flows through. This area is called Wielkopolska. The area filled with lakes, forests and a field decorated with a monumental history of Poland over a millennium Poznan lies on the crossroads between road and rail transport. Poznan is an intermediate between Berlin and Warsaw. The trip to both cities by Euro City train takes about 3 hours. Poznan has a population of over six million people.
Poznan is not only a centre of business , agriculture, industry and culture of Poland but also an important tourist attraction. Not to be missed again Poznan and nearby cities . A city where the rate of economic growth of the country’s best.
The economy is growing rapidly. Poznan city also held a rally with international business partners since 1921. (International Fair)
Poznan city centre is the third largest in Poland, after Warsaw and Krakow. In Poznan there are 12 institutions of higher education institutions and with more than 56,600 students. The city has Variety of theatre Opera house the ballet performances and is internationally renowned, Classic big band and the choir.
The city centre is the centre of attractions and activities. Crowded in the same neighbourhood within walking distance. The Old Market Square, Renaissance Town Hall, Ostrow Tumski Island, which is home to the Gothic Bosna, are also very popular.
Poznan city also has several museums, Musical Instrument Museum is most popular that should not be missed because it is the museum about the instrument one of the largest in Europe. Museum of Art’s Consultant Museum and National Gallery painting is interesting as well.
The city of Poznan is a conservation campaign. Pollution -free area An area more than one -fifth of the city has warm climate, low rainfall times which is Ideal for outdoor activities. There is a lake on the outskirts of the city of four names Kierskie, Strzeszynskie, Malta and Rusalka which offers sports and other service providers. A number of tennis courts, fitness and riding horses have increased steadily. Zoo is located in a park near the centre of town.
In the area of Wielkopolska has many attractions such as the National Park. Varied terrain with forests and lakes Architectural monuments, palaces, castles, small villages , churches and windmills .

General Medicine 6 years
This course is based on the curriculum of Poland for European students and International students. The Students who have graduated high school with good grades in physics, chemistry , biology and English are eligible for this course.
The course is divided into two parts-
The first part consists of pre – clinic experience for two years. Focus on the anatomy course Chemistry, biology, chemistry, biology, medical Otherwise Criminology and Embryology Medical Physiology Latin.
The second part begins in the third year and continues to the next four years until completion of graduation after completing the course and theoretical courses on clinical and pass the exam. Graduate students will receive a degree in medicine or Lekarz.

Variations in teaching
The university has several forms of instruction such as lectures, training, seminars.
Lectures – teach students the basic theory and discipline. These lectures are intended for students in any given year. Without the regulations of the university.
The practice – Divide the clinical practice. (Bedside teaching) Coaching in the outpatient clinic. Surgery, analysis and laboratory training in a group of 5-6 people.
Seminar – Discussing about the problems that started in groups of up to 16 students. The format of each agency that has provided training courses in each subject





Grading criteria

The University Assessment Criteria is below

– (Excellent) 5.0

– (Better than good) 4.5

– (Good) 4.0

– (Decent) 3.5

– (Fair) 3.0

– (should improve) 2.0


Clinical 1


Program Year of study amount of tuition fee/year
6MD 1st   year  of   study 52,600 PLN = 526,000 THB
2nd  year  of   study 55,532 PLN = 555,320 THB
3rd   year  of   study 48,257 PLN = 482,570 THB
4th   year  of   study 42,235 PLN = 422,350 THB
5th   year  of   study 42,235 PLN = 422,350 THB
6th year  of   study 42,235 PLN = 422,350 THB
Dormitory Fees Single room

PLN 480-650 = 4,800-6,500 THB/Month


48,000 – 65,000 THB /Year
Double room

PLN 325-500 = 3,250-5,000 THB/Month

32,500 – 50,000 THB /Year
Cost of living 12,000 -15,000 THB /Month 120,000- 150,000 THB/Year


** 1 PLN = 10 THB**

The cost averages around 850,000-900,000 THB/Year



Toilet and Bath room, with cold and warm water all year


Safe, Clean, reasonable fees


Public kitchen for students cooking every floor 24 hour


Washing Machine and Dry machine



  1. Application from Lin’s EU Service (Fill out completely) University application that they choose (after 1st service fee payment)
  2. The real high school diploma original letter and 2 copy letters (In case if the student hasn’t graduate they can submit it after they receive the diploma from the secondary school) 
  3. Notification grade (transcripts) English classes Grade10-12 original edition 1 letter and copy 2 letters (In case if the student hasn’t graduate they can submit the transcript during the First semester till the latest semester, the completed transcript can submit later )
  4.  copy passport 2 letters
  5. ID Card Copy 4 letters
  6. Copy registration 2 letters
  7.  Scores Proficiency in the English language      * * IL 6.5 or TOEFL 75 or TOEIC 790 **
  8. Photo 3.5cm *4.5 cm (White Background) 12 photo
  9. Receipt of the fee transfer **Poznan university of Medical sciences 500 USD + 660 Baht or cash
  10. Resume (please add the Volunteer experience and scientific activity if any)
  11. SOP (Statement of Purpose) 1 page
  12. Recommendation letter 2 letters
  13. The examination fee payment receipt 30,000 baht/ or cash



  • Application: Sep 2015 – Feb 2016
  •  Admission: March 2016
  • Test location : Lin’s Bangkok or Chiangmai office
  • Apply line : 026454085 or 0 53 270 889
  • Test includes 2 parts:
    1.  Written exam: 48 questions (Bio/Chem/Phys) 1 hour
    2.  Oral exam: Bio/Chem/Phys, each subjects have 3 question, choose 2 to answer




2015 Interview Practice


2015 March17& 8 June Interview exam of Poznan


2015 March17th, Interview exam of Poznan


The Students who pass the Poznan university entrance 2015.


N’Smon 4MD 2015


N’Piroon 6MD 2015


N’Pongpong 6MD 2015


N’Pim 4MD 2015

who pass the Poznan university entrance 2015.


When arrived ,she close with to senior (N’Bomb 4MD 2013 & N’ Top 6MD 2013 )

Orientation day AUG 27,OCT


Buy White Coat


Tae 5DDS 2015


Yoi 6MD 2015

Overall of Poznan University