License in UK

Poland license + PGY training(1600 hours=66days)—UK license—work in UK,Australia, Singapore, HK, India, Malaysia, NZ

If you got License Poland You must  training Hospital in UK (PGY training (1600  66 Day ) after that you will got  UK License and can work UK  , New Zealand , Australia Hong Kong Singapore.

The licence to practise is a licence to work as a doctor in the UK.

Doctors who want to practise medicine in the UK legally need a licence. The licence gives a doctor the legal authority to undertake certain activities in the UK. For example writing a prescription, signing a death certificate and holding certain medical posts (such as working as a doctor in the NHS).

Any doctor who wants to carry out an activity for which a licence is needed must be registered with a licence to practise. This applies whether the doctor is working full time or part time, in the NHS or in the independent sector, employed or self employed, or working as a locum.

The licence to practise regulations only apply in the UK (and crown dependencies). Doctors who do not work in the UK, or who do not undertake any activities for which a licence is required, do not need to hold a licence to practise. They can be registered without a licence.