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About Poland





About Poland


Located in the heart of Europe, bordering seven countries, including northern border with Russia. (Kaliningrad) Northeast and east bordering with Lithuania Belarus and Ukraine South stretch to the Czech and Slovak. West stretch, Germany And north to the Baltic Sea.


Almost the entire country is a flat area, except the mountainous border area of southern Tatra. As part of the Carpathian mountains and mountain Sudety. Its highest peak is Rysy peak height from sea level to 8200 feet.


Poland is the eighth largest in Europe with 312,685 square kilometers (approximately three in five of Thailand).
The capital city

Warsaw (population of 1,635 million people).

38.5 million people, 98 percent of Poles, two are of German, Belarus, Ukraine, Lithuania and others.


Winter starts in January The average temperature of -1 to -5 degrees Celsius.

Summer starts in July The average temperature from 16.5 to 19 degrees Celsius
Formal language

Polish language (a Slavic language family).

96 percent Christian Catholicism. In addition, a Protestant, the Calvinist Judaism and Islam only slightly.

National Day

May 3rd every year (Constitution Day)

Currency Unit  : Zloty

 10 ++++ Warsaw, the capital city of the country, is full of skyscrapers and more than 20 museums. There are also shops and cafes located throughout the city, even outside the city. The coffee shop is unique in Poland. It is a place to exchange ideas of people in the community.

Tourism in Poland is being developed to meet the interests of tourists in the region that was increasing in the last 2-3 years. Poland is a country that has its own identity with a long historic story. But somethings are similar to other countries in Eastern Europe, such as language and religion Christianity, Roman Catholic.

So, traveling in Poland will be a very good experience. You can travel along each city by trains or stroll along the streets and getting some drink in a bar of a village with a chance to start a dialogue with local people.


Polish are open-minded and friendly. It is well-known that tourists should not miss the local vodka.

All these reasons prove that why Poland is a land full of charms that attract a lot of tourists from around the world.




About Medical University of Silesia





The Medical University of Silesia is the largest medical school in Poland. It is located in Katowice, in the south of Poland. It has been established on March 20th, 1948. At first it was given the name Medical Academy and was placed in Rokitnica Bytomska. The name Medical University of Silesia was given in 1949. Gradually, the school was extending and the number of students grew up. In 1950, for example, there were already 1121 students, while 1955 – 2610.

Nowadays, The Medical University of Silesia consists of 5 schools: School of Medicine in Katowice (the one that offers education in English language), School of Medicine with the Division of Dentistry in Zabrze, School of Health Care, School of Public Heath, and School of Pharmacy with Division of Medical Analytics in Sosnowiec. The university is governed by the Rector who together with his Deputies and Administration Director constitutes the Rector’s Council.

The Program in English language is coordinated by the Vice-Dean for the English language program. Chairs and departments are basic units of each school. Each department is managed by the chairman of the department. Clinical education programs are carried out in the university hospitals and affiliated institutions. An important part of the university is constituted by the library with the computer center. There is also a well-organized social and sport infrastructure.







Tuition fee



** 1 Euro = 39 THB








Summer Elective
Summer clerkship in famous hospitals in Thailand

  • Maharaj Nakorn Chiangmai hospital        (Chiangmai)
  • Chiangrai prachanukhro hospital              (Chiangrai)
  • Ramathibodi Hospital                                  (Bangkok)
  • Siriraj Hospital                                              (Bangkok)
  • Phramongkutklao Hospital                         (Bangkok)
  • Nopparat Rajathanee hospital                  (Bangkok)




Admission Requirements

Required Documents to apply for medicine program in University of Silesia

  1. Application from Lin’s EU Service (Fill out completely) University application that they choose (after pay the 1st step service fee)
  2. The real high school diploma with 2 copies

(If haven’t graduate, can submit after receive the diploma from the secondary school)

  1. Notification grade (transcripts) English classes Grade10-12 real edition with 2 copies

GPA more than 2.9

(If haven’t graduate, can submit the transcript during the First semester till the latest semester, the completed transcript can submit later)

  1. 2 Copies of passport
  2. 4 Copies of ID card
  3. 2 copies of registration
  4. English language certificate

* * IELTS 6.0 or TOEFL 75 or TOEIC 750 **

  1. 12 photos (White Background) 3.5cm *4.5 cm
  2. Receipt of application fee

**Medical University of Silesia 500 USD **

  1. Resume/Personal Data
  2. Motivation letter
  3. 2 Recommendation letters
  4. The examination fee payment receipt (35000.00baht)