Poznan University oF Medical Sciences



Located in the heart of Europe, bordering seven countries, including northern border with Russia. (Kaliningrad) Northeast and east bordering with Lithuania Belarus and Ukraine South stretch to the Czech and Slovak. West stretch, Germany And north to the Baltic Sea.


Almost the entire country is a flat area, except the mountainous border area of southern Tatra. As part of the Carpathian mountains and mountain Sudety. Whose highest peak is Rysy peak height from sea level to 8200 feet.


312 685 square kilometers Is the eighth largest in Europe (approximately three in five of Thailand).

The capital : Warsaw (population of 1.635 million people). Warsaw, the capital of the country is full of skyscrapers. And more than 20 museums . There are also shops and cafes located throughout the city. Even outside the city.  The coffee shop is unique in Poland. As a place to exchange ideas. Of people in the community about the political. Include The updating of various Which is full board and the window of a coffee shop.

warsaw map


38.5 million people, 98 percent of Poles, two are of German , Belarus, Ukraine, Lithuania and others.


Winter starts in January The average temperature of -1 to -5 degrees Celsius. Summer starts in July The average temperature from 16.5 to 19 degrees Celsius

Formal language

Polish language (a Slavic language family).


96 percent Christian Catholicism. In addition, a Protestant, the Calvinist Judaism and Islam only slightly.

National Day

May 3 every year (Constitution Day).

Business : Tourism in Poland are being developed. To meet the interests of tourists in the region increased in the last 2-3 years. Poland is a country with an identity of its own. Like other countries in Eastern Europe. Both in terms of language Faith in Christianity, Roman Catholic . The long history of the country.

To talk with the locals. A very good experience of traveling in Poland. Whether you’re traveling on the train. Stroll the streets Drinking in the bar of the village was filled with the opportunity to start a dialogue with the local people.       

The Polish service minded. Including a very friendly. Even inviting them to eat and do not miss the local vodka for the visitors.

All these reasons do not have to wonder why. Poland is a land full of charm that attracts many tourists. Visit each year.


Our University voted the best Medical School in Poland, by Rzeczpospolita & Perspektywy in 2009, 2003, 2002, and by Wprost in 2003, 2004. We do our best…

Our university is a leading medical universities in Poland. The experience Taught for more than 90 years . A development on the rise. Our university is fully equipped and ready to do some research on the basis of Medicine . Therapy, Diagnosis And to maintain the teaching and research core . The university is under cooperation with five hospitals in the city of Poznan . And many hospitals in other cities .         The university offers Research over Hundreds of letters every year in the journal each year .

The conference participants and faculty Seminar internationally than 400 times.   In the year 2534, The University has initiated courses in English, but was actually used on the year 2535 . Programs are offered four- year Medical Doctor . Of course the United States. Terms of the control agencies of the US medical license (U.S.M.L.E.) In later years, there is of course MD six years . English program follows the pattern of Poland and Europe .

Later in the year. . In 2543 , the University of Poznan has a five -year course of Dentistry And Master of Pharmacy five years in the year.2547  Which was later replaced with a Ph.D. in Pharmaceutical six years in the year. 2552 . And three- year degree course And Ph.D. in Physical Therapy in the same year . This program Based on the regulations of the European.

Poznan University Medical Sciences


The University is located In the city of Poznan. Poland ‘s fifth largest city , which lies to the west of the country . The Warta River flows through This area is called Wielkopolska an area filled with lakes, forests And a field decorated with a monumental history of Poland over a millennium

Poznan lies on the crossroads between road and rail transport . Poznan is an intermediate between Berlin and Warsaw. The trip to both cities by Euro City train takes about 3 hours . Poznan has a population of over six million people.

Poznan is not only a center of business , agriculture, industry and culture of Poland But also an important tourist attraction Not to be missed again          

Poznan and nearby cities . A city where the rate of economic growth of the country’s best.

The economy is growing rapidly and continuously Making the population in this area is to work hard and diligently. Poznan city also held a rally with international business partners since 1921 . (International Fair)

Poznan city center is the third of Poland , after Warsaw and Krakow . In Poznan there are 12 institutions of higher education institutions and students with more than 56 600 people. Poznan, a city Variety theater theater Opera house The ballet performances at international renown, Classic big band And the choir

The city center is the center of attractions and activities . Crowded in the same neighborhood within walking distance to find them . A special attraction is the Old Market Square, Renaissance Town Hall, Ostrow Tumski Island , which is home to the Gothic Bosna

Poznan city also has several museums Musical Instrument Museum is a museum that should not be missed because it is. The museum about the instrument one of the largest in Europe. Museum of Arts Consultant Museum and National Gallery painting is interesting as well.

Although Poznan will have pollution problems . But The city of Poznan is a conservation campaign . Pollution -free area An area more than one -fifth of the city The warm climate , low rainfall times . Ideal for outdoor activities. There is a lake on the outskirts of the city of four names Kierskie, Strzeszynskie, Malta and Rusalka. Which offers sports and other service providers. A number of tennis courts, fitness and riding horses has increased steadily. Zoo is located in a park near the center of town .

In the area of Wielkopolska has many attractions such as the National Park . Varied terrain With forests and lakes Architectural monuments, palaces, castles, small villages , churches and windmills .

Poznan University Medical Sciences location

Affiliated Hospitals

AFFILIATED HOSPITALS       Number of beds     Number of full time physicians on service

Affiliated Hospitals 1Affiliated Hospitals 2Affiliated Hospitals 4Affiliated Hospitals 3


Tuition Fees of Poznan University of Medical Sciences

Program Year  of  study Amount  of  Tuition  Fee / Year
4MD 1st – 3rd    year  of   study

4th year  of   study


61,400 PLN = 614,000 THB
61,376 PLN = 613,760 THB
6MD 1st-3rd    year  of   study

 4th    year  of  study

5th year  of   study

6th   year  of   study


55,600 PLN=556,000  THB
55,532 PLN= 555,320 THB
48,257 PLN= 482,570 THB
42,235 PLN= 422,350 THB
5 DDS 1st -2nd   year  of   study

3rd  year  of   study

4th    year  of  study

5th   year  of   study


55,600 PLN= 556,000 THB
61,900 PLN=619,000 THB
61,832 PLN= 618,320 THB
53,710 PLN = 53,710 THB


Dormitory Fees Single room PLN 500-660 = 5,000-6,600THB/Month 60,000-80,000 THB / year
Double room PLN 345-510= 3,450-5,100THB/Month 40,000- 60,000 THB/ year
Cost of visa 2500 THB
Cost of flight 40,000-50,000 THB
Cost of living 10,000 – 12,000 THB / Month     100,000 – 120,000 THB/ year


 Required Documents To apply for a European project to study medicine . (2015)

  1. Application from Lin’s EU Service (Fill out completely ) University application that they choose (after pay the 1st step service fee)
  2. The real hight school diploma 1 letter and  copy 2 letters

 (If haven’t graduate can submit after receive the diploma from the secondary school )

  1. Notification grade (trans scripts ) English classes Grade10-12 real edition 1 letter and copy 2 letters

( If haven’t graduate can submit the transcript during the First semester till the latest semester, the completed transcript can submit later )

  1. copy passport 2 letters
  2. ID Card Copy 4 letters
  3. copy registration 2 letters
  4. Scores Proficiency in the English language .

     * * IL 6.5 or TOEFL 75 or TOEIC 790 **

  1. Photo 3.5cm *4.5 cm (White Background) 12 photo
  2. Receipt of a transfer fee

**Poznan university of Medical sciences 500 USD + 660 Baht   or cash

  1. Personal History Statement

      11.  Motivation letter  1 page

  1. Recommendation letter 2 letters
  2. The examination fee payment receipt 30,000 baht/ or cash


Summer Clerkship in Famous Hospital  in Thailand

Maharaj Nakorn Chiangmai Hospital          (Chiangmai)

Chiangrai prachanukhro Hospital               (Chiangrai)

Ramathibodi Hospital                                       (Bangkok)

Siriraj Hospital                                                    (Bangkok)               

Phramongkutklao Hospital                          (Bangkok)

Nopparat Rajathanee Hospital                   (Bangkok)

Summer elective 2Summer elective 3Summer elective 1