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March 2007 LIEMG

strengthened its Study in the Philippines project with its affiliations with De La Salle-Araneta University, Jose Rizal University, and Far Eastern University.
August 2007

LIRC was replaced by LIEMG Language Center as the frontline of LIEMG’seducational services.

Oct 2007

LIEMG partnered with Critical Resource, Inc. in the US

June 2008 LIEMG,

through LIEMG language Center, was accredited by the Technical Education and Skills Development Authority for its English proficiency courses.

Nov 2008

The Philippines Bureau of Immigration granted authority to LIEMG to accept foreign students and recommend application for special study permit(SSP)

April 2009

LIEMG tied up with Adam Mickiewicz University, Poznan University of Technology,

July 2009

LIEMG launched LIEMG LC Online, a distance-learning program for those who want and Poznan University of Economics in Poland to study easy and short language courses.

Sep 2009

LIEMG established partnerships with International Academy of Management and Economics, Asia Pacific College, and Arellano University.

Dec 2009

LIEMG launched the annual “Anew Hope For Christmas” which answers to the Company’s social responsibility to community development.

Feb 2010

LIEMG tied up with Royal Canadian Institute of Technology.

Dec 2010

LIEMG became an official IELTS Registration Agent of the British Council LIEMG formed its first student organization, LIEMG language Center Gavel Club. LIEMG established its Bangkok office

Jan 2011

LIEMG Language Center opened its services to Filipino market.

April 2011

LIEMG was accredited as an official marketer by the Philippine Retirement Authority

Mar 2013

LIEMG opened New Zealand Office and US Office

May 2014

LIEMG opened EAT-ER Asia food restaurant at the 1st flood TBV business building, the same building that DEAN’S office and LIN’S Lublin office located. Completing the 1 stop service for Lublin Asia-Pacific program students.

Sep 2014
LIEMG European service head office complete all the decoration at the campus of Medical University of Lublin. LIEMG become the first medical consultant company that owned property office in ASIA .


Company Network

In the past 19 years, we keep extending our network to service the

diversities demand of our students, this network also make great

significant for provide more source to our graduates discover their

international medical career opportunities

Philippines —– Manila

Taiwan —–Taipei, Taichong, Gaoshiung

China —- Shanghai , Wenzhou

Thailand —– Bangkok, Chiangmai

Korea —– Seoul

Indonesia —– Djakarta

America —– California

America —– California

New Zealand —– Oakland

Spain —– Madrid

Poland —– Poznan, Lublin

America —– New York

Thailand —– Khonkaen

China —— Hongkong


1. Provide the correct information on education system.

2. Assistance in applying necessary documents for Study in the medical school that student apply.

3. Arrange the interview exam for the applicant in Thailand.

4. Provide consulting in interview exam preparation to applicants.

5. Provide the information about the pre-medical tutorial course to assistance the applicants increase their admission test passing rate.

6. Reserve the study space

7. Provide the interview practice service to the applicants.

8. Assistance coordinates the interview exam result report and acceptance letter from the University

9.Assistance in booking a flight or buying ticket

10. Assistance in securing NOTICE OF ACCEPTANCE in university

11. Assistance in dormitory reservation

12. Airport pick up service for first time arrival

13. Assistance in first time school enrollment

14. Provide correct information in opening bank account in Philippines

15. Assistance in document certify in foreign affair of Thailand and Thai medical council.

16. Assistance in process the Poland student visa.

17. Assistance student apply the residence card in Poland

18. Assistance in Thailand / USA / Poland medical national license exam application and license review course.

19. Assistance in Bank statement issue in Philippines.

20. Assistance in provide information for summer clerkship and externship.

21. Assistance in follow up student’s study statue and coordinate between school teacher and students, or students and their parents in Thailand.


Lin's Thailand


Lin's Philippines


Lin’s International Education Management Group (LIEMG) is an overseas professional

medical education service organization under Philippine law found up since 1996, our head

quarter is located in Manila, Philippines. For the past 19years, LIEMG is well-known for its

services to be “student-oriented”, and help more than thousands of students succeed to enrol

in the medicine program in Philippine, China, Poland and achieve their medical doctor degree

and medical license.

We have worldwide branch network in more than 10 countries :China (Beijing,

Shanghai),Taiwan, Thailand(Bangkok ) ,America (California),Canada, New Zealand

(Oakland),Spain(Madrid) ,Korea (Seoul) Japan(Tokyo)and Poland (Poznan, Silesia and

Lublin),Indonesia, our worldwide branches are responsible for the local students recruitment

and provide the international medical licence consultant service for our students as well.

So far, we are the official representative of the following medical programs of

survival universities:

University English program Enrollment
1 Poznan University of Medical Science (Poland) 4MD, 6MD,5DDS Oct
2 Medical University of Lublin (Poland) 4MD, 6MD,5DDS
3 Medical University of Silesia (Poland) 4MD, 6MD
4 Unversidad Europea De Madrid (Spain) 5DDS OCT
5 Universita’ di Tor Vergata (Italy ) 6MD OCT
6 Our Lady of Fatima University (Philippines) 4MD

** 4MD:

4 year medical doctor program, candidate need to finish science bachelor degree

** 6MD:

6 year medical doctor program, candidate need to finish high school degree


5 year doctor of dental surgery, candidate need to finish high school degree


4 year doctor of dental surgery, candidate need to finish bachelor degree


6 year doctor of dental surgery, candidate need to finish high school degree

Every year, we send over 1800 students from LIEMG branches to study medicine

and dentistry program in our represent university. For Thailand high school graduates, we can

offer the medicine program and dentistry program study space as following:

We do believe Thailand students who attend our program would obtain a worldwide

accredited medicine doctor degree or dental doctor degree, and have high chance to become a

international licensed doctor by pass the Europe medical license exam and USA medical license

exam and Thailand medical license exam. As our medical universities use the USA curriculum

and teaching in English.

Mission and Vision

Medical career is a very tough way, since the beginning and every step, study medicine at overseas is much more tough! In the past 19 years’ experience by consult for numbers of students and parents, over 80% of them think the admission letter will be equal to the success become a medical doctor in the future. But unfortunate, numbers of students fail in study medicine in oversea countries by don’t have enough information in how to select the fitting medicine program and how to prepare themselves before they enroll to the medical school.

Helping students and parents understand international medical education is our first priority job. And always providing effective integrated solution service to assist them achieve the success in the medical education and international license! In past 19 years, we keep working hard on target

• High medical school graduate rate !

• High medical license examination passing rate !

• Assist students become international licensed doctor !

To contribute in producing more high quality international medical doctors is our lofty vision.