Success story N’Ploy Lublin 2015

Success Story

Miss Wasuntara Pinkhian Nickname Ploy

I’m graduated Nakornsawan school. Now I’m studying first year Medical Doctor in Lublin Poland I would like to be a doctor because My sister is doctor, she studying in Thailand. After that I know lin’s company from Facebook .I was talking with staff from lins’ many times, she very nice and helpful for prepare writing and oral examination. Compare the admission in local Thai medical school, it is too much competition between the applicants, study hard doesn’t mean you would have chance to get in the medical school. Since I know Lin’s can offer series of applicants qualification evaluation, re-grade course, pre-medical course to prepare the admission exam, and if I become qualified to become the applicants of Lin’s medical program member, I just need to competitive with myself, to learn things that I haven’t good enough. I can see more possibility to become a medical student under Lin’s assistance. After long time to prepare , I passed the Pre-Couse admission level, but I am still lack of confidence for my English skill and life in overseas. After spend 3 months study pre-course in Lublin, I found I got much more improvement. I tried hard to pass all subject at Pre-course, finally, I success and become 1st year 6MD medical student in Medical University of Lublin. I know there are more challenges is waiting for me, but I am confidence that I am strong enough to overcome all the difficulty in the future and achieve my gold.