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Council command Siam University Cessation of medical students Year 2017

Council command Siam University Cessation of medical students Year 2017

Medical Council of Thailand approved the Faculty of Medicine, Siam University supply of new hospital for students to take practice. The need to seek approval in December. With the cessation of the students year 2017. But, The admission of COTMES (“Consortium of Thai Medical Schools”) in the Faculty of Medicine Year.2016 Can perform normal

The komchadluek newspaper : On 2 December 2015  Assoc. Prof. MD. Soranit Silatham Deputy Secretary General of the Higher Education Commission said Recently, the Commission on Higher Education. The meeting with the Council, The Institute of Medicine and Siam University. The termination of cooperation The Police Hospital and Siam University In teaching Medicine Clinical Level (Freshmen 4-6). As a result, students in third grade up to four years without a place to learn and practice. The meeting concluded Faculty of Medicine Siam University , To supply new hospital so that students can use to practice. And to inform the Council agreed in this December

The Council also adopted a resolution The Faculty of Medicine Siam University No admission for academic year 2017. Until the university will be able to resolve this issue. And the Council to endorse the course again. The students are between the candidates auditioned with COTMES. for Admission in Siam University, In the year 2016. Can be continue to operate as normal. Without any impact on the students.

The Council must assess whether the hospital is to use clinical teaching class. Quality enough? Which will have to consider other criteria like. Hospital beds to 400 beds. Doctor of the hospital Agrees and is ready to be a coach. Must have dormitories, a library, meeting rooms and conference rooms are all favorable for the study or not.

Council has recommended that there should be a hospital. That the medical school is probably best. ” Deputy Secretary said.

Source: The komchadluek newspaper on December 3, 2558.

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